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    Dave Attwood

    Dave AttwoodDave, the CEO of Attwood Magic and host of The Dave Attwood Show, is a professional magician based out of Langford, British Columbia, Canada. Starting with only his trusty smart phone in October of 2011, Dave decided to start a podcast to promote his magic shows and discuss some of his favorite topics, such as magic and social dynamics. Drawing from twenty years of being a comedic magician, Dave joined forces with his long time friend, Steve Cleugh, and before he knew it The Dave & Steve Show took on a life of its own.

    After more than a year of recording and producing the show that started with such humble beginnings to become one of the top four hundred podcasts in the world, Dave decided to branch out on his own and launched The Dave Attwood Show, where Dave shares his thoughts on world news, current events, magicians, evolutionary psychology and anything else he feels like ranting about.

    Dave lives in beautiful Langford, British Columbia with his three daughters. Contact Dave by email.

    Justin Louie

    Justin LouieJustin started off as our #1 fan! He's our Jiminy Cricket. He's the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other… And now he works for us!

    Justin is the CTO for Attwood Magic. While only occasionally filling in as guest host of our podcast, Justin prefers to step back and help guide our little canoe through the waters we call the Internet, providing support and advice on various aspects of the show when needed. Justin is our technical guru and in his spare time, he works on the website and mobile applications as well as saves the recording when the software occasionally crashes! Contact Justin by email.

    Steve Hignett

    Steve HignettSteve spent many years bouncing around Canada as a professional chef searching for the perfect place to call home, and in 2001 he found it on Vancouver Island. Since then, he's more or less traded his life in a hot kitchen for life under the hot stage lights.

    As a professional magician and Grade A prankster, Steve can be found wherever the fun is happening, music is playing loudly and the whiskey is pouring freely. Along with his passion for magic, Steve is an avid fan of rockabilly music, old vehicles and tattoos... yes, he is indeed the most tattooed magician in Victoria!

    As two term Victoria Magic Circle President, Steve is excited to get to hang with his buddy Dave each week and be part of the Attwood Magic family. Contact Steve by email.

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