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    Shin Lim FREEBIE

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    The Wansbourough Trophy

    June 11, 2017 Written by Attwood Magic

    Last night I won the Wasbourough Comedy Magic Trophy.

    Each year, the Victoria Magic Circle puts on a show for the public; Mirth & Magic. The first half of Mirth & Magic is the competition for The Wansbourough Comedy Magic Trophy. The competitors are given a time limit of 8 minutes to win over the judges which is the audience. This is why I love this competition so much. The audience vote is the purest form of judgement because there are no politics or even a deeper understanding of techniques. It’s just pure entertainment value and how the magician connects with the audience.

    On and off throughout the years, I have competed for this award with some of the greatest entertainers Victoria, Ernie Crockford, Mike Brough, Tony Eng, Micheal Harrison and other entertainers the local area had to offer but I always fell short. One year, a judge, maybe inappropriately, informed me that I lost by a single vote.

    This year, I agreed to compete believing without a doubt that I had no chance of winning. I was competing with some extremely funny professionals. When I saw the line up I just decided to have fun and not worry about winning.

    Our spots were all randomly chosen. I was the last competitor up.

    Sitting back stage I could hear the audience roaring with laughter at each act that went up before me. With each burst of applause and wave a laughter, my realization that this was beyond my reach….at least for this year, grew more absolute. I was not disappointed at all. In fact, I was excited to be sharing the stage one again with people like, the Con Man Craig McGee, professional improve coach and teacher, David Morris, the rising star Jason Verners and the multi faceted Keigan Martin. The audience was loving them all and I decided to just not get in the way of the audience having a good time.

    I was up.

    The first thing that happened was the sound booth played the wrong track to my intro. I sighed and ran back off stage to start it all over again.

    Knowing that I was up against some serious competitors, I did not put together an award winning act and just decided to enjoy my time on stage. I was going to do my straight jacket routine.

    Now I should point out here that this competition is timed and it was agreed that if any competitor went over the 8 minute time limit, he would be disqualified from winning. To assist the competitors from going over, the emcee for the evening, Heather McNeil, would announce when there was two minutes left; one minute left and then thirty seconds left. 

    I saw a man sitting in the front row and asked him to come up and strap me in. Thankfully he was accommodating and he quickly strapped me in.

    I started my struggle to get out of the straight jacket and I thought I had plenty of time left but I heard the emcee call out, “Two minutes,”

    “What?!” I thought I was only three minutes into my act but the time on stage was quickly melting away. Realizing that I was going to run short, I started to really push through. I got my arms up and over my head and I was wrestling with the buckles on the back of the jacket. I wriggles my canvass wrapped hands through the crotch strap and quickly started to wriggle out of the jacket like a butterfly out of it’s cocoon. The buckle second from the top on my back got hung up on the headset microphone that I was wearing.

    So here I was, standing on stage with hundreds of people watching with my straight jacket stuck and a chromed buckle digging into the back of my bald head when I heard Heather McNeil call out, “One minute.”

    The claustrophobic panic was really starting to well up now. With a deep scratch carving into the back of my skull, I yanked the straight jacket off of my head, to the applause of the audience.

    I started to rush through the rest of my act with my words spilling over each other.

    Normally, I thank the audience and talk about how difficult that was and how I always lose a little hair when I perform that routine. However, Heather called out, “Fifteen seconds!”

    I look to the wings of the stage and what I saw wasn’t a bunch of competitors that were vying for victory. To my absolute honour, I saw friends and watching me and encouraging me to beat the clock. All of those incredible performers, entertainers and I am so proud to say, my friends, were all jumping up and down telling me that I only had ten seconds left. They all wanted me to succeed.

    I look over at Eric Bedard who is now absolutely beside himself holding up his hands, screaming silently that I only had 10 seconds left.

    I quickly reached into my straight jacket and produced Tuxedo, my rabbit.

    The stress in the theatre was palpable. Everyone was on the edge of their seat hoping that I would squeak in under the 8 minute mark.

    I ran off stage and into the wings to the applause of the audience and the cheers from my colleagues, fellow competitors, my friends.

    When the votes were counted, the President of The Victoria Magic Circle Colin Holt, walked out onto the stage to announce that it was a close competition. He explained that we were all told the rules and one of those rules was that if we went over the 8 minute time, we would disqualified. “This year’s winner of the Wansbourough Comedy Magic Award completed is act with 1 second to spare, David Attwood.”

    Words fail me as I want so badly to express the absolute feeling of gratitude, exhilaration and joy. But more than anything was the friendship and congratulations that I received from the people that were all competing for the same award.

    I have competed for this award for years. Winning this award was not only done with a spectacular, nail-bitting finish but being surrounded by such talented friends in such a welcoming and supportive way really warmed my heart making this award so meaningful and that night one of the greatest nights of my life.

    Dan Sperry The Anti Conjuror

    March 26, 2017 Written by Attwood Magic

    We were very excited to have the AntiConjuror join us from his tour to talk about his influences in magic and his passion for his magical avian partners.

    This week, Steve and Dave start the show talking about the beginning of spring in Victoria and how Steve is once again being attacked by the explosion pollen. Then Dave talks a little about the controversial Daniel Madison. Dave first saw Madison on Penn & Teller's Fool Us demonstrating a really tight bottom deal. After spending a year studying The Expert At The Card Table Madison smacked the magic community in the face with his bold claim that he was better than Erdnase.

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