Comedy Paper Bag Blindfold Routine by Wolfgang Riebe video DOWNLOAD

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    Possibly the world's funniest card trick!

    A spectator is asked to assist on stage with a card trick. Both the spectator and the magician wear a paper bag blindfold over their heads as a card is attempted to be selected! A large knife is introduced into the routine, which the magician intends to stab through the selected card when the spectator is instructed to toss the entire jumbo deck into the air. Everything goes wrong and the audience is in hysterics. Eventually, the magician identifies the card successfully. An incredibly commercial, funny and entertaining routine for any serious professional.


    - FULL explanation
    - Sourcing what you need for UNDER $5
    - 30 YEARS of refinement explained
    - How to extract the BEST HUMOR
    - Every move/comment FINELY TUNED
    - Pack small - PLAY BIG
    - Perform this routine ANYWHERE
    - EASY to do
    - MAXIMUM entertainment
    - GLOBAL appeal

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