COUNT KERCKHORP by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD

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    Looks impossible - yet YOU can do this!

    Imagine this, a deck of cards is legitimately shuffled. (NO perfect shuffle required.)

    You then take half the cards and spread them face up on the table. Amazingly, in less than 5 SECONDS you can recall how many cards are Clubs, how many are Spades, how many are Diamonds, and how many are Hearts.

    THE BEST THING IS, there's no real super memorization happening at all -- it's 99.9% SELF WORKING!

    COUNT KERCKHORP allows you to demonstrate a Rain Man like super memory without needing to be a Savant.

    Once you learn the secret, you'll be adapting it to make all sorts of memory-based routines.

    Download the video and learn how this is done. Best of all, mystify others with this effect!

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