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    A fun and intriguing routine that you can learn! It's got several magical moments!

    Here's the Effect:

    Place the two Jokers on the table, or give them to the spectator.

    The spectator selects any card, and you insert it somewhere in the deck.

    Take back the Jokers and put them on top of the deck. Magically, the selected card will appear sandwiched between them!

    Turn over the Jokers on the top -- the selected card has disappeared!

    Next phase:

    Show the top card to the spectator -- he sees that it's not his selected card.

    Explain that if you need to find again the selected card, you just put the Jokers on the top once again, and the selected card will appear between them.

    However, this time it's NOT the selected card between the Jokers. But with just one magic move, it CHANGES to the selected card!

    Download the video and have fun performing this multifaceted routine!

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