Sanctum by David Forrest - Trick

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    A card is chosen.
    A corner is torn off.
    The corner penetrates the cellophane of the card case.

    The clever gimmicks contained within will allow you to cause one torn quarter from a chosen card to penetrate the cellophane on your card case. The cellophane is shown to be free from tears or slits and there is clearly nothing underneath. A card is selected and a corner is torn off and placed on top of the deck. The case is slowly passed over the torn corner where upon it disappears. The case is slowly turned over. There, under a large black 'X' lies the torn quarter! The case, complete with cellophane and corner still in place, is immediately handed out for examination.

    Bicycle gimmicks included.
    Practically self working, only basic card skills required.
    4 page full color instructional panphlet included also
    Skill Level Intermediate

    Tags: Card Magic and Trick Decks, Close Up Performer, Intermediate, DAVIN FORREST, David Forrest

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