The Vault - Naked Strange by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD

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    A simple un-gimmicked version of Paul Harris's legendary Strange Travellers effect!

    Using a normal deck, you'll be able to achieve the following miracle. Spectator #1 mentally notes ANY card in a group of cards, and never tells anyone what it is. The packet is handed to Spectator #2, and the cards are counted to be sure there are exactly ten cards. Spectator #1 is handed a separate group of cards.

    The magician makes a magic gesture, and now Spectator #2 counts the cards, only to find that one is missing! The exact card that Spectator #1 merely thought of is now in Spectator #1's OWN packet of cards!

    Download the video and soon you'll be performing this astounding feat of magic!

    Tags: Card Magic and Trick Decks, Close Up Performer, Streaming and Downloads, Paul Harris, Paul Harris

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