Zephyr by Seth Race video DOWNLOAD

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    Introducing Zephyr...

    A revolutionized PK concept that allows you to be a jedi, give you control over elements, or use it to seemingly call forth a ghost for an opener to any haunted routine.

    Effects Included:

    PK Senses - With this concept you can have someone feel what another person has felt without ever touching them. (NO LOOPS)

    Ouija Ball - Seemingly have a spirit move a ball to show where, what, or who they are Haunting.

    Hot Hands - A borrowed flame lit under the palm does not burn your hand, or even a spectator's hand. Even as you carry on a conversation.

    Force Push - Cause bottles, money, playing cards, pens and other borrowed items to fall over or even move across a surface.

    And MORE!!
    Multiple variations and methods included.

    Suited for stage, parlor, street, close-up, and impromptu magic!

    No thread
    No wire
    No magnets
    No sticky stuff
    No elastics
    No ITR

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