Holiday Hat

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    Five Hats in One!


    A marvelous effect for any children's show, no matter what the occasion this "Hat for All Seasons" is perfect.

    EFFECT: The performer displays a cloth bag, which looks somewhat like a purse or colorful hat. After turning the bag inside out it changes into a Pilgrims Hat! But that's just the beginning... Not being the hat the performer was looking for he turns it inside out again and it changes into a Santa Hat! The magician turns the hat inside out again and ends up with a Rabbit Hat complete with ears! The magician tries one last time and finally gets the Birthday Hat he was looking for the entire time!

    Skill Level No Skill Required,Beginner

    Tags: Christmas Themed, No Skill Required, Beginner, Sew & Sew Seamstress, The (Rosalie Jayes

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