SANTA by Zamm Wong & Bone Lee - Trick

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    Christmas is coming! SANTA is a perfect routine for you to present your gifts magically! SANTA is a fun, multi-phased routine.

    You can produce any object that fits inside the Santa! Here are a few ideas:

    - For romance: present a ring or necklace to your loved one. Or vanish a ring, and later have it reappear inside the Santa!
    - For kids: produce a candy or a toy

    The routine:

    - Display a playing card with a Santa on it. Ask the spectator to sign a selected card
    - The selection is returned to the deck and the magician vanishes the Santa
    - The Santa pops out from the deck, then dives in and finds the selection
    - While handing the selection back to the spectator, a real Santa is produced in the spectator's hands!
    - Open up the Santa and present your gift or surprise production!

    The ending is highly versatile -- be creative and have fun! Your audience will love SANTA!
    Skill Level Intermediate

    Tags: Christmas Themed, Intermediate, Lee Jah Bond

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