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    Stefanus Alexander, the creator of "Insert", "No Thing", "INFINITY BOX", and much more, presents a new trick called BandLink.

    The Linking Rings is a classic trick in the world of magic.

    It's a trick we always see in magic shows.

    Many magicians develop this trick with different objects, such as using a rubber band... We show that the rubber bands begin completely separated, but the magician can link them in front of the spectator's eyes. Not only that, with this gimmick, you can Link a rubber band to anything. For example ,the rubber band can be linked to a ring, or a key - and many other objects that have a hole.

    It really looks amazing, and blows away your audience!

    - Very easy to do
    - Always ready at any time
    - Practical
    - Visual

    Download the video and begin learning this amazing effect.

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