FISM Act by John Cornelius - DVD

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    John Cornelius is one of the most creative magicians in the world and the first American to win a F.I.S.M. World Championship of Magic competition (First Place in Close-Up, 1979). In 1985 he decided to enter the card division and once again won first place. For that competition he designed a very special act titled "Every Card Trick In The World In Under Ten minutes."

    On this DVD John performs and teaches the multiphase act that is full of startling and visual card magic. You will learn the entire act in great detail as he teaches you how to construct the props, setup the act and perform all the effects and techniques.

    Routines and techniques taught include:

    • Shrinkage
    • Arisen!
    • Shrinking Cards
    • The Master Cut
    • The Apprentice Cut
    • Benzais Bewilderment Move
    • Boomerang Card
    • The Oh Calcutta Shuffle
    • Flash Production Display
    • The Winter Change and much more.

    Special DVD Features:
    - Instant access to performances, explanations and techniques
    - DVD trailers
    - Dolby Digital sound
    - Encoded for worldwide viewing

    Includes a live performance at The Magic Castle.
    Running time: Approximately 85 minutes.


    Skill Level Advanced,Expert

    Tags: Close Up Performer, Advanced, Expert, Cornelius, John, Meir Yedid Magic

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