Miracles - The Magic of James Swain Vol. 3 video DOWNLOAD

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    Miracles has entertained laymen and fooled magicians for nearly 40 years. These are not simply tricks, but time-tested miracles that will leave a lasting impression on your audiences for years to come. Many have been performed on television - including CBS Sunday Morning and FOX TV - while the rest have been tested on audiences during thousands of performances. I hope you enjoy them.

    - Magically, James Swain

    VOLUME #3
    • The Chop Cup (Jim's masterpiece)
    • Tampa Opener
    • Four What?
    • Cool Out Move
    • The Stop Trick (featuring the legendary Cool Out Move)
    • Double Stop Trick
    • Super Bowl Aces (Bill Malone's favorite trick)
    • Out of this Universe
    • Vanishing Aces (a mind-blower, including Jim's handling of the Riffle Pass)
    • Capitulating Cards (one of the greatest packet tricks ever)
    • Aces from Nowhere
    • Look an Illusion
    • Lie Detector
    • The Matching Trick (Jim's personal favorite)

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