Magic Planet vol. 5: Mega-Magic and HyperReality by Franz Harary and The Miracle Factory - DVD

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    Remastered from the Magic Planet TV series
    Over 90 Minutes of Footage
    Franz Harary Presents Mega-Illusions
    Magicians from Around the World
    Stage and Close-up Performances

    Mega Magic
    • Vanish of the Battleship Missouri
    • Sports Car Materialization
    • Time Machine
    • Goodyear Blimp Transport
    • Dematerialization of a Russian Tank
    • Rio's Christo Statue Disappears
    • Car Disappearance
    • Appearance of an Airliner
    • Space Shuttle Vanish
    • Argentina Appearing Girl
    • Multiple Girl Production
    • Cutting in Eights
    • Aerial Vanish
    • Spiker Illusion
    • Robotic Sphere Appearance
    Skill Level No Skill Required

    Tags: Illusionist, No Skill Required, Harary, Franz, The Miracle Factory

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