Basic Contact Juggling by Brian Erle & Will Roya - DVD

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    Learn the basics of contact juggling with professional Brian Erle. This hypnotic and meditative art form has been featured in movies and on TV. It can be performed with almost any ball, even an orange. It's not magic, but it will look like it when you master a few simple moves taught on this video.

    Discover the ancient art of toss juggling with Will Roya, who has taught thousands of people how to juggle with his easy step by step lessons. Also tips on juggling 4 and 5 balls and how to make your own juggling balls.

    • Contact Juggling
    • Introduction
    • Hand Roll Over
    • Finger Roll
    • Equipment
    • 2 Balls
    • 3 Balls
    • 4 Balls
    • 6 Balls
    • Brian's Routine
    Toss Juggling
    • Introduction
    • 2 Balls
    • 3 Balls
    • 4 Balls
    • 5 Balls
    • Make Your Own Balls
    Skill Level No Skill Required,Beginner

    Tags: Juggling Performer, Kids Show and Balloon Performer, No Skill Required, Beginner, Roya, Will; Erle, Brian, WillRoya&Co

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