Bill West's Routines in Rhyme - Book

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    Bill West was known for being able to routine classic effects in a way that made performing them easy and appropriate for any type of audience. In Bill West's Routines in Rhyme, you will find multiple routines for six classic effects. For many, original routines are difficult to devise. This book is a great platform for routining your effects in a way that is greatly entertaining.


    6 Routines for the Linking Rings
    7 Routines for The Cut and Restored Rope
    6 Routines for the Egg Bag
    6 Routines for the Multiplying Billiard Balls, Golf Balls, or Soap Bubble
    7 Routines for Giant 4 Ace
    6 Routines for the Cups and Balls
    Skill Level Intermediate

    Tags: Kids Show and Balloon Performer, Stage / Parlor Performer, Intermediate, West, Bill, Ed Meredith

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