Weekend at the 4F w/ Obie O'Brien VOL. 2 - DVD

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    In this Second Volume, you will see and learn unbelievable magic while being part of magic's most prestigious convention!
    • The Amazing Adam - Adam teaches his version of Paul Harris' "Reset".
    • David Acker - Gets Mad! That's not the name of the trick. A nice card routine that you will have to watch carefully as he does not teach it.
    • Jon Born - Teaches an amazingly easy to do Cop. Steal away a card off the top of the deck anytime anywhere.
    • Justin Style - A great stand-up coin routine using the Downs Palm.
    • Garrett Thomas - Teaches a great pop out move. Learn how to pop out a card that looks natural and right out of the middle of the deck!
    • Scott Robinson - Willie in Your Pocket. Scott teaches what might be the coolest thing on the DVD. A cards to pocket routine using three cards.
    • Reed McClintock - Dai Veron's Travelers. A four signed cards to pocket.
    Running Time Approximately: 35mins
    Skill Level No Skill Required

    Tags: Lectures and Conventions, No Skill Required, Magic City

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