Genii Magazine May 2017 - Book

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    VOLUME 80
    NUMBER 5
    May 2017


    Frakson The Amazing One
    by David Alexander
    Should I Learn the Pass? by Jim Swain
    • Derek Dingle's Riffle Pass Written and Illustrated By Richard Kaufman

    Genii Speaks
    by Richard Kaufman
    The Eye by Todd Karr
    Now Performing
    On the Slant
    by Jon Racherbaumer
    Classic Correspondence Stan Laurel to Edna Jansen by Mike Caveney
    Dealing With It Rendezvous by John Bannon
    Happiness is the Road Propriety, Class, Manners, and Card Tricks by Hannibal
    Left-Handed by Jeff Prace
    QuicKey by Kevin Li
    Making Magic The Test by Martin Lewis
    By Means of Metal Welcome to Nowhere by Kainoa Harbottle
    Magicana by John Guastaferro
    • Bill Simon's Dicey Transpo by Rick Franceschini
    • Matter of Balance by Stephen Hobbs
    • Five Roads Lead to Vegas by Michael Breggar
    The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
    • Knights at The Magic Castle by Daniel Ulin
    • Magic Castle Performance Schedule

    Books by John Lovick
    • Harpacrown by Mark Chandaue
    • Thirteen Things to Think About Pertaining to the Creation of Original Content within the World of Magic by Hector Chadwick
    • Miscellanea by Hector Chadwick
    • It's Magic!: The 60th Anniversary by Milt Larsen and Carol Marie
    Videos by Joe M. Turner
    • ¡Olé! by Juan Luis Rubiales
    • Any Shuffled Deck: Self-Working Impromptu Miracles by Liam Montier
    • Meditations by James Went
    • Gentle by Danny Ho
    • Canes MAGIC-The Real Secrets by Fabien Sola
    • Enigma-The Complete Collection by Chuck "Stylesmith" Smith
    Tricks by David Oliver
    • The Gift by Angelo Carbone
    • Ash Paper by Darryl Davis and Daryl Williams, a.k.a. The Other Brothers
    • iLite Cup by Victor Voitko
    • Ox Bender by Menny Lindenfeld
    • Rubikulous by Jack Carpenter
    • Rejoined by Julio Montoro & João Miranda
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