Genii Magazine November 2016 - Book

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    VOLUME 79
    NUMBER 11
    November 2016


    A University for the Art of Amusement
    by Dr. Will Houstoun
    Tenyo 2016 by Richard Kaufman
    The Magic Play by Dustin Stinett


    Genii Speaks
    by Richard Kaufman
    Now Performing
    The Eye
    by Todd Karr
    On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
    The Chamber of Secrets The Antique Card Rise by John Gaughan
    The Expert at the Kids' Table The Verbal Challenge by David Kaye
    By Means of Metal Never Too Many Coins by Kainoa Harbottle
    Left-Handed Pb by Jeff Prace
    Magicana by John Guastaferro
    • Floating Pencil by Jindai Nishikawa
    • Lie to Me by Peter Duffie
    • Coincealed by Raj Madhok
    The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
    • Knights at the Magic Castle by Daniel Ulin
    • Magic Castle Performance Schedule

    Books by Tom Frame
    • The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi by Stephen Minch
    • Outside the Box by Jeff Prace
    Videos by Joe M. Turner
    • Move Zero, Volume 2 by John Bannon
    • Pen-nomenon by Steven X
    • At The Table Live Lecture: The Other Brothers by Darryl Davis and Daryl Williams
    • Routines: Guy Hollingworth
    • Catch 23: Asi Wind
    Tricks by David Oliver
    • TaeWANDo by Timothy Pressley
    • Locked in Thought by Paul Brook
    • Black Bird by Jeff Copeland
    • Wired by Danny Weiser
    • Larry's Bag by Mago Larry
    • Astrological Sign Book by Edwardo Kozuch
    • NetWorker by Paul Brook
    • Monte Test by Anthony Stan
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