Genii Magazine October 2016 - Book

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    VOLUME 79
    NUMBER 10
    October 2016


    25 Years of The Magic & Mystery School: Unveiling the Mysteries
    by Lawrence Hass, Ph.D.
    Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking by Dustin Stinett


    Genii Speaks
    by Richard Kaufman
    The Eye by Todd Karr
    Now Performing
    On the Slant
    by Jon Racherbaumer
    The Chamber of Secrets The Neyhart Houlette by John Gaughan
    Eugene's Notebook Food for Thought by Eugene Burger
    Lost Horizons Stack Cats, Senile Felines, and the Switchless Rotor by Max Maven
    Conjuring Epidemic by Jim Steinmeyer
    Invisible Threads The Narrative of Actions by Helder Guimar√£es
    DaOrtiz, a la Carte! In Series by Dani DaOrtiz
    Loadstones Like a Lotus by Tom Stone
    Panmagium Proteus Bound: Interlude Chapter Two by Jonathan Pendragon
    Happiness is the Road by Hannibal
    Magicana by Andi Gladwin
    • Hidden Secrets by Andi Gladwin
    • Convincing Depth Illusion by Andi Gladwin
    • Road Trip Sandwich by Andi Gladwin
    • Pop Top by Andi Gladwin
    The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
    • Knights at The Magic Castle by Daniel Ulin
    • Magic Castle Performance Schedule

    Videos by Dustin Stinett
    • Art of Magic Video Downloads by Various Artists
    • Forces of Nature by Meir Yedid
    • C2P by Steve Valentine
    Tricks by David Regal
    • Trilogy Extreme by Brian Caswell & Alakazam Magic
    • Smooth Prediction by Darryl Davis & Daryl Williams
    • The Wallet Clip by Ben Morris-Rains
    • Praemovo by Alan Rorrison
    • 100 Regrowth by Alan Rorrison
    • Never There by Morgan Strebler
    • Leap of Faith by SansMinds Creative Lab
    • Flaming Coffee by SansMinds Creative Lab
    • Vice by Jeff Prace
    • Blistering by Alex Latorre
    • Lightning by Peter the Adequate
    • Deal Sealer by Cody Fisher
    • Ambitious Chips by Tango Magic
    • Funeral Sampler by Fred Rosenbaum
    Books by David Britland
    • Mentalissimo by John Bannon
    • The Secrets of So Sato by So Sato and Richard Kaufman
    • Super Sized Silly by David Kaye
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