Genii Magazine "The 49 Boxes - Anniversary Edition" December 2017 - Book

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    VOLUME 80
    NUMBER 12
    December 2017


    THE 49 BOXES
    by Rory Johnston
    MAGIC Live! 2017 by John Lovick and Dustin Stinett
    Genii Convention 2017 in Pictures


    Genii Speaks
    by Richard Kaufman
    In Memoriam Fantasio by Maria Ibañez
    Now Performing
    In Memoriam
    Ray Goulet by William V. Rauscher
    The Eye by Todd Karr
    On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
    The Chamber of Secrets The Mysterious Crystal Clock by John Gaughan
    Conjuring Affairs of the Heart by Jim Steinmeyer
    Left-Handed Listen Up by Jeff Prace
    Master Class by Professor Richard Wiseman
    David Berglas on Audience Management, Part 4
    Panmagium Why the Fool is Necessary by Jonathan Pendragon
    Happiness is the Road Mr. Jones and Me by Hannibal
    The Expert at the Kids' Table How to Get to Carnegie Hall by David Kaye
    Hidden Treasures You Win Some, You Lose Some by Bob Read
    Invisible Strings Take Action by Helder Guimarães
    Magicana by John Guastaferro
    • Santeria by Jay Jaraman
    • Orient Express by Joe Rindfleisch
    • Away We Go by Tom Dobrowolski
    The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
    • Knights at The Magic Castle by Daniel Ulin
    • Magic Castle Performance Schedule

    Books Reviewed by Dustin Stinett
    • Unexpected Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer
    • The Bammo Gaffus Maximus by Bob Farmer
    • Spoiler Alert by Ryan Matney
    Videos Reviewed by Nathan Coe Marsh
    • David Ben Live by David Ben
    • David Parr Live by David Parr
    Tricks Reviewed by Ryan Matney
    • Sharpshooter by Jonathan Wooten
    • Sonic Stab by Loki Kross
    • Holely Change by SansMinds Creative Lab
    • Vanishing Sharpie by SansMinds
    • Changeling ODO by Marc Levelle
    • Real Coin Magic by Ben Earl
    • Pocket Minds by Unknown Mentalist
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