Legerdemain Magazine - Vol.1 (CD) - Book

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    Legerdemain, Volume One contains:
    • Issues 1-12
    • Over 400 pages packed with over 101 tricks and routines.
    • Advice, insights and stories by top pros in their field.
    • Magical mind teasers and puzzles from the brilliant mind of Bob Starkes.
    • Bonus material: Bill Severn's unpublished book "Card Tricks with Trick Cards" serialized in Volume one.
    Magic by:

    Brooks Anderson
    Jim Creighton
    Gene DeVoe
    Steve Dick
    Frank Everhart
    John Fabjance
    Phil Goldstein
    Eugene E. Goyle
    U. F. (Gen) Grant
    Bill Guetebier
    Bro. John Hamman
    Douglas Hood
    Milt Kort
    Roger Linden
    Harry Machin, JR.
    Roy Mayer
    Harry Monti
    Mike O'Down
    Sandy O'Dowd
    Ed Seguin
    David Snetsinger
    Bill Severn
    John Snider
    Bob Starkes
    Ben Stone
    Ken Sumers
    Bev Taylor
    Don Tanner
    Harold Theper
    George Thompson
    Tom Whalen
    Russ Walsh
    Fr.Paul Zippel
    Skill Level No Skill Required

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