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    Issue 27:
    • Ed's Note by Paul Romhany
    • Product Spotlight - COIN by Eric Chien
    • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
    • Easy Magic for Beginners by David Penn and Sean Heydon
    • Card Gaffing by Jeremy Hanrahan
    • Daley's Oddity by Fritz Alkemade
    • Pass the Torch by Thom Peterson
    • Prediction by George by Scott Olgard
    • True Love's Test by Luke Jonas
    • Two Routines - Sticky and Fail Safe by Morgan Strebler
    • John Carey's Wired by John Carey
    • Gobs of Guessin' by Louie Foxx
    • Show on the Go by Josh Janousky
    • Pac-Timus Prime by Donny Orbit
    • Humanistic Performance by Pablo Amir√°
    • News by Nick Lewin
    • Dimitri Clown - A Remembrance by Ben Robinson
    • Bachstage - The Magic of Harry Potter at Universal Studios by Charles Bach
    • Bill Abbott's Dream Show Series by Bill Abbott
    • Morgan Stebler by Paul Romhany
    • Theatre Skills for Magicians - Vocal Development by Ben Whiting
    • Ten Little Secrets by Timothy Hyde
    • Jekyll And Hyde Set Design by Chris Stolz
    • Behind the Scenes: Backstage at Fool Us by Doug Bennett
    • McBride Master Class by Romany
    • Amsterdam Magic Show by Fritz Alkemade
    • Politically Correct: A Way of Life to Entire Generations by Nick Lewin
    • Red Hot Act: Caroline Ravn by Paul Romhany
    • The Other Side of the Road - The Night the Cards Were Flying by Harrison Carroll
    • The Dummy Days of Summer by Jimmy Vee
    • Diary of a Nitwit Magician by Steve Warbuton
    • Steve Schieszer: The Billy McComb Contento New Generation Card Fountain by Steve Schieszer
    • Magic Reviews by Paul Romhany and Friends

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