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    Issue 26:
    • Ed's Note by Paul Romhany
    • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
    • Easy Magic for Beginners by David Penn and Sean Heydon
    • Card Gaffing by Jeremy Hanrahan
    • How to Justify Your Center Tear by Butzi, Magicien
    • Fish Tale by Thom Peterson
    • 8-Ball Production by Paul Romhany
    • Louie's Obedient Orange by Louie Foxx
    • Paul Gordon's Bed-Sit Mystery by Paul Gordon
    • Show on the Go by Josh Janousky
    • Steve Guttenbar by Steve Guttenberg
    • Trapped Prediction by Alexander Erohin
    • News by Nick Lewin
    • Eminence Grise - Paul Romhany by Ben Robinson
    • One Day with Bryan Miles by Bryan Miles
    • Ten Little Secrets by Timothy Hyde
    • South Korea - The Alexander Magic Convention by Anna Shin
    • The Top 5 Tips and Tricks by Matthew Fallon
    • Behind the Scenes by Doug Bennett
    • Survive Opening Night by Chris Berry
    • Alana - Fashion and Magic by Christina Nyman
    • 20 Things You Need to Know about Sorcerers Safari Camp by Nicole Lee
    • 20 Amazing Alumni from Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp by Nicole Lee
    • Red Hot Act: Diamond Jim Tyler by Nick Lewin
    • Roy Johnson by Nick Lewin
    • Destiny by Brad Blaze
    • The Other Side of the Road - A Hazy Day by Harrison Carroll
    • Russ Stevens by Romany - Diva of Magic
    • Bachstage - Immersive Magic in an Interactive World by Charles Bach
    • Figure Making Magic by Jimmy Vee
    • Theatres - To Rent or Not to Rent? by Erik Dobell
    • Exclusive in Las Vegas by David Gatti
    • Magic by Miller - Donald Croucher by Brad Henderson
    • Diary of a Magician by Steve Warbuton
    • Magic Reviews by Paul Romhany and Friends

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