Haunted Write (English / French) by Christophe Rossius - Trick

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    The writing of the selected card appear slowly and visually on the back of a playing card.

    The magician attempts to predict a selected card by writing it on the back of a playing card. Unfortunately, the magician forgot to write his prediction on the back of the card before perform the trick.

    But then, the spectator opens and shakes a marker for send the ink toward the card prediction.

    And now, the value of the selected card appears visually on the prediction card and she's exactly

    The spectator touch the card and the prediction is really printed on the back.

    The gimmick card included (always red Bicycle cards) and DVD (English/French)

    Skill Level Intermediate

    Tags: Halloween Themed, Mentalism, Bizarre and Psychokinesis Perf, Intermediate, Rossius, Christophe, Motion Solutions (Vea Magic)

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