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    LOST N FOUND is a very easy way to make Any Object (small to medium size) appears out of thin air on a one to one situation.

    It uses a very easy set up, that your spectator will never be aware of.

    At the end of your performance your spectator will have no idea where the object came from.

    As a bonus it includes an impromptu handling.

    If you are a stage performer: LOST N FOUND can also be performed on Stage as a comedy routine instead than a one to one situation.

    "If you want a PERFECT and FLAWLESS production of about almost anything,out of nowhere..then GET THIS DOWNLOAD!"
    - Justin Miller

    "I must say this is great! Such an easy method but it will shock your spectators."
    - Kevin Schaller

    "All in all, this is a good download. Very easy, concise, and to the point."
    - Alex Hinojosa

    Tags: Mentalism, Bizarre and Psychokinesis Perf, Streaming and Downloads, Nefesch, Nefesch

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