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    With Origin, I've compiled the vast majority of my signature work (including exclusive work unavailable anywhere else) in magic and mentalism, a multitude of effects and essays over 280 pages.

    Full list of contents:

    • 5020: Become a human lie detector!
    • LOKI: Determine which poker chip resides in which of your Spectator's pockets with no peeking and no gimmicks.
    • TURNOVER 23: Place down an odd backed prediction of a named card and be right every time!
    • SYLLACODE: A two person coding concept.
    • MORSE: A spectator as mind-reader effect.
    • SYN: One coin bends visually as the other bends in a spectator's hand. They will admit to feeling it bend EVERY TIME.
    • MIRROR: Is it possible to predict a spectator's shuffle? It is now.
    • MACHINE: An incredible demonstration of automatic writing. One spectator thinks of a word and the other writes it without knowing how!
    • THE NEW BLACK: A thought of word is written on a thought of ESP card, sat in an envelope in full view!
    • TURNOVER BEND: A spoon bending technique.
    • SIX:SIX: A unique forcing technique based on a very old magic effect.
    • EX: Prove that you know what item would be named before it is.
    • DICHOTOMY: FINALLY, an Out of This World that can be done effectively in the hands!
    • SEVENS: A spectator pushes an envelope freely into the spectator shuffled deck. The card in the envelope matches the card they find in the deck!
    • ASHES: Any named suit burns.
    • IMPRINT: A simple marking system.
    • BROKEN WINGS: A gimmicked pad with which you can force information, peek information, create automatic writing effects and much, MUCH more! (Just google for the reviews.)
    • LEGION: An expandable concept with cards that needs to be set up only once and can create completely hands off forces, hallucination effects and more!
    • CRONOS: A full locked box prediction system that also allows you to perform an incredible feat of psychokinesis!
    • TECHNOKINESIS: Push a button on a Blackberry phone with your aura.
    • THE TOUCH: A two person coding concept that will work everywhere and anywhere, under any conditions.
    • SCAR: Visually HEAL a scar on your hand!
    • EPOCH: Know the date and value on any coin handed to you from within your closed fists.
    • CAST: An amazing booktest gimmick that fits in your wallet and is completely invisible in plain sight!
    • BLINDED: A cueing technique.
    • DREAMCATCHER: A full impromptu thought reading routine with a great premise!
    • VANITY: The veins in the back of your hand visually twist themselves into thought of initials!
    ESSAYS (Page 259)
    Pages: 281 - 4.25" x 6.75" - PDF format

    Tags: Mentalism, Bizarre and Psychokinesis Perf, Streaming and Downloads, Christopher, Dee, Dee Christopher

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