Coin Collector by Mark Lee - Trick

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    The magician informs his audience that as a youngster he used to collect coins.
    He introduces a small wooden plaque with four coins firmly fixed to it as he explains that he used to glue coins from different countries onto boards.
    But, he made a mistake with this one because an American half dollar is fixed among the pre decimal English coins.
    He shows a small velvet bag to the audience and inserts the plaque inside and lets a spectator keep hold of it.
    He now shows an old English penny and explains that this is the coin that should be on the plaque, the penny is handed to a second spectator to hold.
    Now for some magic.
    When the spectator holding the coin is asked to open their hand, they are surprised to discover that they now hold the half dollar coin!
    When the spectator removes the plaque from the bag the penny is found firmly fixed in the correct place!
    All can be examined.
    This is a really beautiful collectors quality outfit as well as a practical, stunning piece of close up magic.

    Velvet Bag
    Full Instructions

    Very easy to perform
    Skill Level Beginner,Intermediate

    Tags: Money Magic, Close Up Performer, Beginner, Intermediate, Lee, Mark, Merlins of Wakefield

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