F****** Coins by Philippe Bougard and Clement Kerstenne - DVD

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    In this 2 DVD set you will witness the creative and mind-blowing genius of Philippe Bougard and Clément Kerstenne. These DVDs are packed with highly visual coin magic and in-depth instruction. A must have for every coin worker!!!

    The Contents :
    • 18 Routines
    • 23 Techniques
    • 2 "Making Of" segments
    • 2 Bonus segments
    • 2 physical DVD's (double disc)
    • 2 magicians!
    The Routines :
    • Sweet Street: Production and vanish of 3 coins using a hoodie.
    • 3 fast: complete vanish of 3 coins extremely clean.
    • Bic: sequence of effects using 1 pen and 1 coin.
    • Rubbercoins: an astounding magic routine using a chinese coin and a rubber band.
    • Oil And water: a classic of card magic done with coins.
    • Coin three: Travel of 3 coins from one hand to another.
    • Reflection coin: a remarkable routine mixing coins and mirror.
    • Crazy C/S: copper silver with 3 coins.
    • Daily Matrix: matrix using everyday items.
    • $: surprise.
    • Les amants (lovers): coin routine using so called magnetic coins.
    • Special Travel: in the spectator's hand change of 4 coins.
    • Soudbock: sequence of effects using a coin and a coaster.
    • GSM: an astounding one coin routine.
    • Travelo: Travel of 4 signed coins into the spectator's hand.
    • Matrix manchot: an one hand shadow coin.
    + 1 hidden routine and 23 MORE TECHNIQUES!
    Skill Level Intermediate

    Tags: Money Magic, Close Up Performer, Intermediate, Bougard, Philippe; Kerstenne, Clement, In the Air - Philippe and Clément

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