Matrix Reloaded by Stephen Tucker - eBook DOWNLOAD

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    Four laminated cards are shown to each bear the image of a coin. (Included are images of cards bearing either 50p coins or Kennedy half-dollars).

    They are tabled, one at each corner of your mat or, if strolling, one on each of four up-turned palms. The coins on three of the cards vanish and appear on the fourth card - in true matrix fashion. Then the four images are shaken off the card into reality. This leaves you with four double blanks and four real coins!

    If you like, you can now perform your favorite coin-matrix with the 'real' coins using the blank cards as covers.
    • Easy to Perform
    • Automatically Resets

    Pages: 5 - 8.26" x " 11.69 - Full color - PDF FORMAT

    Tags: Coin, Money Magic, Streaming and Downloads, Tucker, Stephen

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