Numismatic by Tim David - DVD

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    "The slickest, most magical version of the 'coin through glass table' plot available to date, hands down."
    - Shane, Online-Visions.com


    Borrow a coin, have it marked, and drop it somewhere near the center of an unprepared glass table. Show both hands cleanly and clearly empty. Press on the coin and it visibly passes through the table and into your waiting hand below. One second it's above the glass, the next it just drops right through. You can hand the coin (and table!) out for examination, they will find nothing.

    It's that simple. The way real magic should be: Quick, visual, hard-hitting, high-impact, and utterly impossible; leaving the spectators with no hope of ever figuring it out.

    "If you could actually push metal though glass...this is what it would look like."
    - Steve Fearson

    Works on any unprepared glass surface. Use any coin. No magnets. No "jewelry" required. Resets instantly. No funny moves - Just push and it's through. The special gimmick makes it all extremely visual and super easy to do.

    "The effect is very visual."
    - Danny Archer

    If you do close up magic of any kind, then Numismatic belongs in your arsenal. Everything in the description is absolutely true. Tim David has come up with an ingenious method that fools people even if they're "in the know".

    "Beautiful! I have no clue..."
    - Nathan Kranzo

    You get the gimmick and a full-length, professionally produced DVD that clearly explains every tiny detail of the effect.

    Running Time Approximately 25min
    Skill Level No Skill Required

    Tags: Money Magic, Close Up Performer, No Skill Required, David, Tim, Magic Works - Tim David

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