Smileys (With Coins and DVD) by Michael Rubinstein - DVD

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    The magician has had a bad day. Unlike most people, however, he doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve, he shows them in his coins! The magician draws a sad face on the face of a half dollar. To make the coin feel better, the magician gives it a tickle. The sad face changes to a happy one! Another tickle, and the coin changes to a yellow smiley face! One last tickle, and the smiley face becomes a big smiley face, bringing a big smile to your audience!

    But wait, there's more! Also included: Smileys Jr.:
    This is a more impromptu looking version of the same effect. The magician borrows a quarter, and draws a sad face on the coin. With a tickle, the frown turns into a smile! Another tickle, and the smile on the coin changes into an even bigger smile, which is returned to the spectator as a happy souvenir of a magical moment. Comes complete with two specially made gimmicked coins, two smiley faces with something extra, and a DVD with comprehensive instructions on how to perform both effects.

    "SMILEYS is really a great trick, Michael."
    - David Regal

    "Glad to see you are releasing SMILEYS! This is a great effect-very magical and ultra-commercial."
    - Peter Duffie

    "I highly recomend this. I particularly like the "junior" version."
    - Rannie Raymundo

    "I see a ton of uses for this and not necessarily in a formal close-up show. If I worked in a hospital I could see this being used constantly. It's a good kid trick too. Very cool, Michael"
    - Doug Brewer

    "SMILEYS is the perfect trick for all ages! It can be used for walk around, table hopping, or formal shows, and always brings a smile to the spectator's faces! I especially like Smileys Jr, which works great for me when I do magic at the bar. This is going to be one of the top coin tricks of the year!"
    - Mike Gallo

    Running Time Approximately: 9mins
    Skill Level Intermediate

    Tags: Money Magic, Close Up Performer, Intermediate, Rubinstein, Michael, Michael Rubinstein

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