PyroPlastic: Clear 2 Sheets 197 mm by 127 mm (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) - Trick

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    Nothing gets your audience's attention like visual magic. Now we're taking visual to a whole new level with PyroPlastic: Clear.

    Created by Jared Manley, a special effects wizard behind Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Sherlock, PyroPlastic: Clear is a flash product disguised as common plastic wrapping. Never again dig into your pocket to pull out a random piece of paper that never makes sense in a routine. PyroPlastic: Clear can be hidden in plain sight, ready to be used organically at a moment's notice.
    • Disguise it as cellophane on a tuck box, and use it to produce any card.
    • Pull a piece of plastic off a cigarette pack and impossibly create a cigarette from out of the flames.
    • Pull plastic off a piece of candy wrapping and magically create a second piece of candy.
    • Unseal a pack of cards using nothing more than a bit of fire.
    • Visually see the change of FriXion pen-type predictions/transformations with transparent plastic!
    • Comes complete with two ultra-clear PyroPlastic: Clear sheets (197mm x 127mm).
    • No residue, harmful chemicals, or lingering vapors!
    This is fiery misdirection hidden in an ordinary strip of plastic! Turn up the heat, with PyroPlastic!

    ***Variations of PyroPlastic sold separately***
    Skill Level Beginner,Intermediate

    Tags: Special Effects (Fire, Smoke, Sound), Beginner, Intermediate, Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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