How Much by Jon Allen - Trick

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    A lucky spectator is given the chance to win a dream shopping trip in America. You display "store cards" from four big stores. To win, the spectator must guess how much the total credit limit is. They also name the store they would like to shop in first, should they win. When you add up the total credit limit it is the amount the person chose! Not only that, but you predict the store where they will go first!

    How Much uses one very simple sleight. It uses no forces but has some sneaky principles at work. This will introduce you to a wonderful concept for a well-known sleight.

    Includes Everything Needed and Resets Immediately
    Skill Level Beginner,Intermediate

    Tags: Mentalism, Bizarre and Psychokinesis Perf, Stage / Parlor Performer, Beginner, Intermediate, Jon Allen

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