Loose Ends by John Zander - DVD

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    A mind-boggling comedy rope routine from award-winning magician, John Zander.
    • Stand Up, Close-Up or Strolling!
    • Easy to do, Fast Reset
    • End squeaky Clean!
    A multi-phased rope routine that does not require any extra props. With Loose Ends, you will receive great audience interaction as you keep losing the ends of the rope - they keep becoming the middle! And, of course, the middle turns into the ends! First the ends are on the right, then they're on the left - mind-boggling magic and laughter. One rope becomes two, then into a loop with NO ends! No end in sight, right? You will amaze and amuse your audience with this wonderful effect.

    Great rope routine, but if you don't believe me, take a look at this:

    "It's easy to do and works for any kind of audience - what more could you ask for?"
    - Mike Caveney

    "LOOSE ENDS is a funny, commercial rope routine worthwhile of studying, and above all... USE IT!"
    - Aldo Colombini

    "This is my kind of magic... the routine is simple, direct and novel, it can be performed under any conditions (close-up and surrounded or on stage), and you finish clean and everything can be examined!"
    - Daryl

    "Loosely speaking, John Zander's Loose Ends is no end of good fun, with endless possibilities!"
    - Martin Lewis

    23-minute DVD
    Rope sold separately
    Skill Level Beginner,Intermediate

    Tags: Stage / Parlor Performer, Beginner, Intermediate, Zander, John, Magic City

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