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    Tim Ellis is a Melbourne magician who has spent his entire life mastering the art of illusion. 'Timeless Magic' is the ultimate collection of magic created by Tim Ellis over the last 35 years.

    CLOSE UP MAGIC - Credit Card Fax, Thumbtip Tips, Coins Across, The Bare Coin Vanish, Cash to Credit Card, Tricky Trick, Broken & Restored Rubber Band

    CARD TRICKS - Hi Tek Deck, The Cards From Snowy River, Jazz Cards, Deckstress, 7D, Perplexity, Big Deal, The Tim Card Poker Deal

    PARLOUR MAGIC - Ultimate Blades, Shakespeare's Monte, Divide & Conquer

    STAGE MAGIC - The Kruger Kard Trick, Bill to Anything, Candle Tips, Soda Resurrection, Seven Keys to Baldpate, Wife Swapping

    MENTALISM - Spiral Bound, Cellular Thinking, Card Code

    BIZARRE MAGICK - Deathslates

    ESSAYS - Creativity, Tips & Ideas, Floorshows, Strolling Magic, Can You Keep A Secret?, Riders, Reality Avenue, It's About That Attitude, How To Win A Magic Competition

    AMUSEMENTS - The Top Ten Clowns, What If Magicians Were Like...?

    Pages: 148 - 8.5" x 11" - Black and White images and photos - PDF Format

    Tags: Close Up Performer, Illusionist, Stage / Parlor Performer, Streaming and Downloads, Ellis, Tim, Magic Unlimited

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