Transformation Silk (DVD and Gimmick) by Dominic Duvivier - DVD

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    Twelve routines (plus bonuses) with cards, banknotes, ropes, wallets, mentalism... plenty of tricks that everyone can perform, even the beginners.

    1. Triple Revelation by Dominique Duvivier (bonus)
    2. Connected Decks by Alexandra Duvivier
    3. Money Silk by Alexandra Duvivier
    4. Invisible Cape by Quoc Tien Tran
    5. Zebra Silk by Quoc Tien Tran
    6. Apparition of a Card on a Silk by Cedric Reimon
    7. Cut and Restored Rope by Jean-Pierre Crispon
    8. Reverse by Jean-Pierre Crispon
    9. Queens Through the Table by Jean-Pierre Crispon
    10. Divination by Jean-Pierre Crispon
    11. Smiley by Philippe de Perthuis
    12. Regression by Philippe de Perthuis

    Bonus: On the fly, an idea of Quoc Tien Tran
    Skill Level Intermediate

    Tags: Stage / Parlor Performer, Intermediate, Duvivier, Dominic, Dominique Duvivier

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