Amazing Self-Working Card Magic (Howard Adams) - Vol.3 by Wild-Colombini Magic video DOWNLOAD

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    All these routines are performed with no sleight-of-hand, are totally impromptu and use only a few cards! They contain new principles easily adaptable to other effects.


    SIMULDU: A person rips five cards in half and splits them in two packets. One card is selected. The two packets are dealt at the same time and only two halves match: The selected card!

    THIRTEAM: Great routine and unique principle. Cards are shuffled and dealt in pairs. Each pair totals 13!

    REMARKOBO: You predict a number reached apparently totally at random!

    ENTERFORCE: You reveal a selection under what seems impossible conditions, with a previously written prediction!

    FACEY: Cards are torn in halves. A freely selected card finds its matching half. This can be used with ESP cards as well!

    NAME 6: This is a very clever routine in multiple phases that use a name of a spectator!

    HUMSKIL: A very unique routine with a triple prediction climax that will floor your audiences!

    ROYALEEZEE: You reveal FOUR freely selected cards. You will like the principle behind this routine and you will use it often in other effects of this kind!

    ROYLE HOYLE: A truly powerful routine using the face cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks). It may be done with ESP cards as well!

    22 IS IN: Cards are shuffled and dealt and you reveal two predictions which involve the number 22. Once again a principle that can be used in other effects!

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