Amazing Self Working Card Magic of Howard Adams - Vol.1 by Aldo Colombini video DOWNLOAD

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    All these routines are performed with no sleight-of-hand! Except for the last effect, the routines are totally impromptu and use only a packet of cards!


    A revelation of two freely selected cards and a final effect with a prediction!

    SYMPAMATES: Five cards are torn in half and two spectators find two matching symbols!

    COLOR QUARTET: Four selected cards are found after the packet has been shuffled!

    EZ GAMBLE: You win in a game of poker with ten cards and three spectators!

    BASICDU: A spectator picks a card from a packet of red-backed cards and you pick a card a blue-backed card. The two cards match!

    MATHEIGHT: Two stunning revelations of two freely selected cards. You will be fooled by the method!

    MORE PILOCOINS: An unusual prediction with cards and coins!

    TEN OF CLUBS: Two very strong revelations using the Ten Of Clubs!

    SIMPLE TEN: A prediction from a shuffled packet of cards!

    HYPNODECK: In this routine the spectator can think of any card in the deck. You never know the name of the card but you will be able to produce it!

    Running Time Approximately: 37min

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