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    A new download on card magic, with easy-to-do and commercial routines.

    The contents include:
    • Impulse (Peter Duffie)

      A three-phase routine with a finale that will blow their heads off. A card changes place with another card with a hole.
    • Remember/Forget (Mike Rogers)

      A quickie but so commercial where a card is revealed under a spectator's finger.
    • A Bunch of Blarney (Aldo Colombini)

      The classic plot of the Lie Detector revealing a selected card and the four Aces.
    • Composition (Aldo Colombini)

      Incredible routine with a lot of surprises. A closing effect!
    • Wild Mix (Aldo Colombini)

      Stand up magic at its best. The classic Wild Card Theme performed entirely in your hands.
    • Shinding (Aldo Colombini)

      An incredible routine with four black and four red cards with the final appearance of the four aces.
    • Tossed Salad (Aldo colombini)

      An Oil and water Effect using regular cards where at the end all the cards become black.
    • Splitting Hairs (Aldo Colombini)

      A four splits into two Deuces and they split into the four aces.
    • Sorcerer's Surprise (Rachel Colombini)

      Two packets of cards with Harry Potter's pictures are shuffled by a spectator and at the end all the cards match. Great stuff!

      Running Time Approximately 39min

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