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    "...at last, the originator explains his classic micro-levitation in COMPLETE DETAIL- a digital first..."

    Invented in 1986, and marketed as Cosmosis by Ben Harris, this effect has become a one of the most pirated close-up creations in magic's recent history. It truly has become a "classic." Even today, twenty-three years after its debut, unscrupulous individuals and manufacturers in many countries market it without any due respect for its heritage or compensation for its creator. From street stalls in India and across Asia, to the high streets of London and Paris, you'll find this effect ripped-off and offered to the casual purchaser. Simple ideas are often the best, and both the very simplicity of this concept and the apparent ease of construction (though most still get it wrong in their rush to produce a cheap product) have seduced the parasites. The original was marketed (1986) in a limited release of 500 units at $50 each with concise and detailed instructions that layed bare performance subtleties which were devious in their conception.

    Ask any experienced performer and he will tell you that it is the "details" that make or break a good performance. Various "cancellation" techniques were taught that subliminally led the spectators down the garden path. With the original you prove that flexing the card has no impact on the match. This all important procedure meant that no attention was drawn to the slightly bent card during the floating stage. Juxtapose that against the "Place a match on the card and bend it" instructions supplied by the thieves. No subtlety, no detail. Just a quick grab for your cash with my idea!

    On a happier note, Tenyo in Japan have released a version for the Disney Company(with full permission) that uses a little broomstick. Gloriously produced, this appears as an entry in their "World's Greatest Magic" series. The broomstick makes this a great Harry Potter tie-in. Steve Shufton also has a lovely version.

    This effect is so amazing, fully examinable, and easy to carry in your wallet or set up inside your deck.

    Here are the contents:

    Cosmosis: The Effect
    The Basic Principle
    Making a Cosmosis Card
    The Basic Handling
    Inroducing The Card Into Play Pre-Flexing The Card
    Basic Rise 1
    Tipping The Match Off The Card
    One Handed Rise
    In The Spectator's Hands
    Fingertip Power
    Seance Presentation
    Ticket Time
    Other Objects
    Basic Rise 2
    The Big Curl
    With Two Cards
    Geoff Pearce Ring Move
    12 Tips: Jim Kleefeld

    Pages: 24 - 8.5" x 11" - Photo-illustrated - PDF Format

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