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    J.J. ZAPPATTA. The enigma, the man of mystery who hung with the shadows throughout the course of many a magic convention, over many a decade. These books are a first glimpse at the crazy and wild world that was/is ZAPPATTA. And, at last, his clever levitation is fully explained!


    1. THWONG
    Flip-Flops (or thongs) are a kind of footwear fashionable at resorts, beach-side, and other casual environs. With this effect, you mentally bend a "flip-flop" Uri Geller-style! The spectator can chose the left or right shoe for the sole-defying demonstration.

    A playing card visually changes when shaken. It then changes once more--the thought certainly arising that this may be a double-faced card. However, the card is shown to have a back, and can be examined.

    A spoon sitting quietly upon the dinner table is made to mysteriously rotate (either clockwise or anti-clockwise) at the spectator's request.

    4. 1812
    Spectators shuffle a deck and deal it into four piles. All the while performer is humming and verbally punctuating the 1812 overture to himself. Quite amusing. It then becomes amazing when the top cards of the four piles are turned over revealing A,8,A,2 (or 1812). A second gag follows when the performer--announcing "what did you expect, Queen?"--turns over the four packets revealing four Queens. All great fun.

    Simple gimmick that creates the impression of the finest sleight of hand.

    6. THINK INK
    J.J.'s approach to "nail writing" is revealed in the form of an ingenious thumb ring the performer can wear at all times, ready for impromptu use.

    Pages: 28 - 5.5" x 8.5" - PDF FORMAT - Black and white Illustrations.

    All items are described in J.J.'s brief and point by point style. If you're not prepared to THINK, J.J's not interested in ya. Period. Illustrated with Mr Zappatta's crude but informative sketches.

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