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    The original work on elastic thread magic, yes, the FIRST EVER book published on Elastic Thread work. Originally published in 1989. All the pro tips you need, along with 6 full routines to start performing right now! See where much of today's material originated!

    You see so much information published about "Elastic Thread Magic" today--you'd think it all "brand new". Alas, such is not the case. If you look hard, you'll see much of today's gold is really the silver of yesteryear.

    This booklet was originally published in 1989. That's twenty years ago. Some of the information within is still being presented by others as if it were original to them. "History is best ignored at your own peril" someone very wise once said. So, here's a brief capsule of the REAL story of Elastic Thread, firmly established and supported by the printed record.

    Michael Weber was the first magician to publish (and to establish in the written record) an elastic thread routine. His matchbox effect, utilizing the then unheard of magic-fibre, appeared in an issue of Genii Magazine. Michael credits his mother with having introduced him to the special thread.

    Independently of this, (circa 1985) Finn Jon from Norway truly established the use of the thread within the magic fraternity. Finn is to be credited with the creation of a special application of elastic thread technology, ie: the Elastic Loop* Elastic thread, like any thread, is a fussy medium to work with. Finn Jon's creation of the Elastic Loop is profound in its practicality and applicability- it eliminated the pesky ends!

    I personally obtained a set of Elastic Loops when working a convention in Bordeaux, France. The year was 1986, and I was impressed! It seemed incomprehensible that a thread so fine could stretch so far. My mind filled with ideas and I continued to work on, and perform elastic thread magic throughout 1986-1989. This led to the development of the original Premier Elastic Thread (the world's first ever supply of BULK Elastic Thread, '87), and this booklet Premier Elastic Thread and Routines, ('89). This manuscript you hold contains original routines as well as important information that appeared in the original 1989 manuscript. Even the illustrations are the originals. Enjoy and impress...

    Subjects covered:
    controlling the ends
    securing elastic thread
    making a band of elastic thread
    the slider (a precursor to Zoom)
    the enchanted butterfly
    floating smoke ring
    flying pip
    floating card
    coins on the move

    Pages: 24 - 8.5" x 11" - Photo-illustrated - PDF Format

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