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    HOLE IN THE HEAD created a furore when released to the general magic community. Originally worked up as a situational piece for a David Blaine TV special, the general market place would have nothing of something as esoteric. No, you had to be able to pull it out of a baggie and stumble through it for a street kid in 5 minutes-or it was crap! The cries "it's too cloudy where I live..." still echo in my ears!

    In the real world, we demand nature conform to our whim. However, she often says "#&*k-off" as she does here. You see YOU must wait for her-wait until the sun is in just the right spot in the sky-etc. So, it's not for everyday use. It's for special occasions when the circumstances are just right. Sometimes, simply having the KNOWLEDGE is having the "power".

    Create a beautiful moment-sometime later down the track. Yes, the day will come when you will stand back to the sun, open your "third eye" and pop a hole in your head! Be patient, grasshopper.

    "Bravo! Mind expanding magic, in every sense of the word!"

    "...situational, astonishing and a devilishly clever piece of magic -the best effect I've seen in a long time!"

    Pages: 22 - 8.5" x 11" - Photo-illustrated - PDF Format

    Tags: Close Up, Parlor, Stage, Illusion, Mentalism, Streaming and Downloads, Harris, Ben, Ben Harris

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