Kaleidoscopic & Chamile by Stephen Tucker - eBook DOWNLOAD

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    Two great packet effects...surprising, magical, and examinable!

    Kaleidoscopic:?You show four face up cards, explaining that two are identical, and ask someone to call out the name of the card they see twice. They do this three times, but are only correct on their third attempt! You repeat the entire procedure with the backs of the cards (only two are the same colour) ... with the same result! Instantly Reset and fully examinable!

    ?With patter revolving about a strange dream, in which you were playing a game of Poker...your cards change faces and backs in a most bizarre manner! Instantly Reset and fully examinable!

    Pages: 4 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT

    Tags: Card Magic, Streaming and Downloads, Tucker, Stephen

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