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    You remove from your pocket four sections of a large, full-color, treasure map and jig-saw them together. There are 58 possible locations, and someone is asked to imagine that they have buried all their worldly goods at one of these locations.

    You now start to deduce, letter-by-letter, the name of their thought of location. However, way before you have called out all the letters, you stop, pick up the four pieces, stick a label onto one of them and hand it to the spectator face down. He reveals where he mentally buried his things, and discovers that you stuck the label, with an X drawn on it, at that very location! 100% self-working. Remove the label and you're re-set.

    If, once you have printed out the four map sections, you laminate them, you can draw an X, with a dry-wipe marker, rather than use a label. The treasure map is beautifully drawn and makes this a memorable effect.

    Pages: 5 - 8.26" x " 11.69- Full color images - PDF FORMAT

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