Paradox by Stephen Tucker - eBook DOWNLOAD

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    This is an incredible topological curiosity with a playing card and a third!

    Four odd shaped pieces, cut from Bicycle playing cards, are tabled. You explain that three of the pieces marry together to form the shape of a complete playing card. The extra piece is only supplied in case of emergencies (i.e. if you lose a piece!) The extra 'emergency' piece is shown to be the same shape as one of the other pieces and is then set aside.

    Strangely, although you easily solved the 'apparently' simple jig-saw puzzle, no one else can!

    Comes with a bonus routine: Bomb$hell Deluxe.

    Pages: 4 - 8.26" x " 11.69 - Full color images - PDF FORMAT

    Tags: Card Magic, Streaming and Downloads, Tucker, Stephen

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