• Silent Running Trilogy Volumes 1-3 by Ben Harris - ebook DOWNLOAD

    Silent Running Trilogy Volumes 1-3 by Ben Harris - ebook DOWNLOAD

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    Dozens of routines and handlings!

    Here is a unique chance to grab the entire SILENT RUNNING TRILOGY, that's all THREE volumes for a great bundle price. In well over 300 pages you'll explore the birth and devlopment of this unique and mind-blowing technique. The finer details are taught with further lessons from Steve Shufton. Then there's the dozens of routines and handlings. You'll explore pure metalism, card effects, a card stab and DOZENS more items from world famous performers. Stage and close-up is well represented. Please scoll down the page and you'll find full and detailed descriptions of the contents as well as endoresements from some of the world's leading mentalists and magicians.

    "This is so much more than just an effect. It is a powerful subtlety that is a must have for your mentalist toolbox."
    - Banachek (USA)

    SR TRILOGY is over 300 pages, spread across three photo illustrated pdfs.


    Silent Running
    Run Silent Run Deep

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