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    These notes have been re-written and re-photographed. The material is bright, crisp and hard-hitting. Mostly cards, including a wonderful multi-phase OIL AND WATER routine that's a joy to perform. PYRAMID CARDS is an easy and visual stunt revelation that as originally created by Jay Sankey. Here are a couple of cool variations. If you pop into our VIDEO LOUNGE you'll find a clip of COMING TOGETHER AGAIN. This is a real killer item based on a Sadowitz piece from Almanac.

    The real highlight is the CLOSER Ben used on BOTH NIGHTS in Singapore. This is his IMPROMPTU DARYL. It's a no-gaffed-feck handling of ULTIMATE AMBITION. You know the effect: the deck is wrapped in rope yet STILL the Ambitious Card RISES to the top. Here Harris teaches you how to simulate the effect on the spur of the moment. Use any deck!

    Pyramid Cards
    Coming Together Again (see video in video lounge)
    Oil and Water, Delux (basic handling)
    Pick Up Palm
    Angel Aces
    Snappy Cannibal
    The Three Card Game
    Impromptu Daryl (no-gaffed-deck version of Ultimate Ambition)

    Pages: 34 - 8.5" x 11" - Photo-illustrated - PDF Format

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