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    Originally published in 1992 becoming a best-seller!
    Use any Russian Wedding Band

    SLINK was first published in 1992 and supplied with a heavy silver ring-set. In 2001 it was re-published as a printed book.

    SLINK is a sleight of hand LINKING FINGER ROUTINE that is easily constructed by modifying any Russian Wedding Band. You can find these at your local markets or trinket store. This type of ring has THREE bands, linked together. You need to purchase one of them. It is suggested you start with the cheapest unit you can find, and then once familiar with the handling, you can purchase a heavier set in silver or gold.

    In effect, you display two silver rings. These are held at the fingertips, and then with a magical shake, they LINK together. They may now be EXAMINED before they are caused to magically UNLINK. The effect may be repeated. Several linking and unlinking phases are included. These all occur at the fingertips and look truly magical.

    Pages: 20 - 8.5" x 11" - illustrated - PDF Format

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